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3 important benefits of buying an already tested industrial boiler

In order to offer a better product, for safety and reliability, Cannon Bono Energia created an internal dedicated test area for all the steam generators produced.

Cannon Bono Energia School for the continuous training of Authorized Service Centres’ Personnel

The Cannon Bono Energia Italian authorized assistance technicians met in our headquarters on the 22nd of June for their annual technical meeting: this is one of the stages of an important continuous training program.

Last issue of the Cannon News is online

“Solutions for a sustainable world” is last  Cannon News’ title, dedicated to the Energy and Water. What’s the topic? The Cannon’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of industrial activities.

Tailor Made Efficiency for Ghelfi Ondulati

The Valtellina (Northern Italy) company, Italian excellence in the production of corrugated cardboard packaging, chooses the flexibility and efficiency of the Cannon Bono Energia HE Smart boiler.

Technical visit at Cannon Bono Energia

The Order of the Engineers of the province of Brescia and ABSL (Brescia Association of Study and Work) chose Cannon Bono Energia for engineers training.

Energy efficiency advantages

Efficiency is not only a reduction of operating costs, but is an improvement of the whole company.

Energy Efficiency and Industry 4.0: Fondazione Megalia and Cannon Bono Energia congresses

Energy Efficiency and Industry 4.0: main themes of the two conferences Cannon Bono Energia took part last week.

Earth Day: April 22, 2018

April 22 will be the World Earth Day, the planet largest environmental event, a moment of reflection on our role in the Earth protection.

Advanced training for Chinese managers: Cannon Bono Energia’s contribution

On March 22nd, Cannon Bono Energia has been invited to participate to the SICAB program, Sino-Italian Capacity Building, with a speech on energy efficiency at Politecnico di Milano.

Emerson Vortex Quad on saturated steam generator: the case presented at Emerson Global User Exchange

The “lighter” of a thermal power generation or co-generation plant is the auxiliary boiler: it provides the steam for the start up of the plant, so reliability is the key factor that drives the client’s choice.